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Infini Pro™ Massage Gun

Being on computer for a long time, I frequently experience upper back pain and occasionally schedule massage therapy. Upon recommendation of my sister in law, I bought Infini Pro and didn't regret it. Even my dad who has athletic built uses it too. The rubber grip is easy on my small hands and easy to operate. And the bonus part is it came in a nice storage bag so no problem bringing it with me on vacation. I use this multiple times a day for several minutes at a time. It works exactly as promised and really does provide extensive muscle relief. quality is top great!
"Angelica Prosacco"

Be-Slim™ Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover

The machine is weighty-feeling in your hand. It doesn't feel cheap or poorly made. It does several things. It's very important to read the manual when using this type of machine or you will feel like it doesn't work. You'll plug it in and go hmm, it's not doing anything. It really is. You can do the water test. Put a drop of water on the round metal thing and turn the unit on in Sonic Mode. You'll see the water droplet vibrating at very high speed. If it doesn't, check your intensity setting on the side. It must be set to at least 1. 

"Simeon Roob"

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